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For over 65 years, SONOR Orff has blended the highest level of hand craftsmanship and technological advances with a unique tone quality to produce superior-sounding instruments that stand up to the daily demands of teachers. The SMART Series is the next step in our evolution in sound and design. SONOR elevates every musician’s play and brings out their unique personality. Thousands of educators throughout the world experience the SONOR difference. We focus on the details to ensure quality and durability so you can focus on what is most important — teaching and transforming the lives of children.

SMART Series

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Meisterklasse Steel Bar Glockenspiel

Add Everlasting Sparkle To Your Ensemble

The new premium SONOR Meisterklasse Glockenspiel produces a pure bell-like tone that generates optimum resonance in Orff classrooms and ensembles. These new models expand the sound of premium glockenspiels with a unique element – pure Stainless Steel tone bars – a perfect complement to the Meisterklasse glockenspiels which feature aluminum bars.

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Thank you for your interest in our SMART Series instruments and NEW Meisterklasse Steel Bar Glockenspiels. For more information on how to purchase, please contact your local SONOR Orff retailer or fill out our contact form below to find a retailer near you!